Tuttle Twins Season 1 Graphic Novels - Digital Edition

$59.99 $120

Adapted from Episodes of the Tuttle Twins, these digital graphic novels let your kids relive the principles and stories portrayed in the show. It's hundreds of pages of freedom-packed action. Laugh while you learn the principles of freedom over and over again in this 12-book box set.

In this set, you’ll receive the following ebooks and audiobooks:

  • “When Laws Give you Lemons” an adventure about The Law
  • “War of the Worms” an adventure about The Golden Rule
  • “Pencils, Pirates, and Ice Cream People” an adventure about Free Trade
  • “Of Business and Benjamins” an adventure about Entrepreneurship
  • “Rising Tides & Dirty Deals” an adventure about Protectionism
  • “The Inflation Monster” an adventure about Inflation
  • “Cakes, Pies, & Flat Earth Guys” an adventure about Disagreeing
  • “Wonky Wages” an adventure about Equal Pay
  • “Dumpsters & Disobedience” an adventure about Civil Disobedience
  • “Roll for Power” an adventure about Crisis & Control
  • “Free Speech Freestyle” an adventure about Free Speech
  • "Fight for the Future" an adventure about Persuasion vs Force

Each e-graphic novel features 140+ full-colored pages, links to watch the associated episode for free, and hidden QR codes that lead to bonus pages!

Read the e-books alone, or listen along with the audiobooks which include the original character’s voices, music, sound effects, and a fun surprise at the end of each track!