The Perfect Gift For Fans And Newcomers To The Tuttle Twins Series
The Perfect Gift For Fans And Newcomers To The Tuttle Twins Series

Teach Your Kids Unforgettable Lessons About Freedom

With 12 Visually Stunning Stories Packed With Freedom-Based Principles & Values

12 Vibrant Stories Filled With High-Quality Artwork

Hundreds Of Pages Of Lessons And Laughter

Durable Hardcovers With Full-Colored Pages

As Seen In

Based on the former

#1 crowdfunded kids show of all time

Learning About Liberty Has Never Been This Fun

Ready for freedom-filled learning that keeps your kids hooked the whole time?

Packed with hundreds of pages of vivid stories, The Tuttle Twins Season 1 Graphic Novel Box Set is the perfect way for kids ages 8-12 to discover important topics like:

Real-World Economics

Freedom-Based Values

Critical Thinking Skills

U.S. History

Character Building

Keep Your Kids Captivated With World-Class Quality + Top-Tier Entertainment On Every Page

Make Complex Ideas Simple:

Break down adult concepts into fun, memorable stories that kids grasp effortlessly.

Reading Made Fun:

Ignite a love for reading with tales they won’t want to put down.

Perfect For Homeschooling:

Packed with educational content they’ll look forward to every day.

Unlock More Adventures:

Each book hides QR codes for exclusive content, bringing stories to life beyond the page.

Includes 12 Crucial Lessons

Your kids will love to learn

When Laws Give You Lemon
A Lesson On Law
Ethan and Emily learn about their rights to life, liberty, and property when a new law threatens their lemonade stand, with lessons from Frédéric Bastiat and a trip to the Wild West.
War Of The Worms
A Lesson On The Golden Rule
A journey to India and a worm battlefield teaches the twins the golden rule of fiscal policy, saving Emily's dreams.
"Pencils, Pirates, and Ice Cream People"
A Lesson On Free Trade
The twins encounter space pirates and learn about free trade and the complex process behind making a simple pencil.
Of Business & Benjamins
A Lesson On Entrepreneurship
With Ben Franklin's guidance, Ethan and Emily start a corndog stand, discovering the ins and outs of being entrepreneurs.
Rising Tides & Dirty Deals
A Lesson On Protectionism
In Atlantis, the twins learn about protectionism and how big businesses can unfairly influence laws against smaller competitors.
The Inflation Monster
A Lesson On Inflation
A carnival prize leads Ethan and Emily to learn about inflation, witnessing its effects in ancient Rome and modern Zimbabwe.
Cakes, Pies, & Flat Earth Guys
A Lesson On Disagreeing Civilly
Amidst lessons and desserts, Derek the raccoon finds love in an episode filled with learning and sweet treats.
Wonky Wages
A Lesson On Fair Pay
The twins explore the dangers of communism and the importance of fair wages through a visit to Mr. Wonky's Toy Factory and historical figures.
Dumpsters & Disobedience
A Lesson On Civil Disobedience
Ethan and Emily, along with crime-fighting raccoon Derek, learn about civil disobedience and crazy laws with the help of Rosa Parks.
Roll for Power
A Lesson On Crisis And Control
Facing a struggling café and tempting government help, the twins learn the value of community solutions over government intervention.
Free Speech Freestyle
A Lesson On Free Speech
An intense school campaign leads the twins to understand the complexities and importance of freedom of speech.
The Fight for the Future
A Lesson On Persuasion VS Force
A futuristic adventure unravels Grandma's secrets and teaches the twins valuable lessons as they strive to save her from jail.

"My kids finally understand the principles of economics and freedom that I have been trying to teach them their whole lives. One of the best investments in their education that I have ever made."

Unbox A Full Adventure
With Every Book

Each professionally-crafted book features the sky-high quality standards you’ve come to expect from the Tuttle Twins.

Vibrant and Vivid Artwork: Each page comes alive with colorful, high-quality illustrations, making each story leap off the page and into your child's imagination.

Sturdy and Stylish: Each book is beautifully designed and built to withstand both daily and long-term use.

Easy-to-Handle and Display: Designed for both young readers and collectors, the set is perfect for easy handling by kids and looks great on the shelf.

Hidden Bonus Pages: Interactive hidden QR codes in each book that unlock full episode access + exclusive bonus pages that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Perfect For Any
Homeschooling Curriculum

The Tuttle Twins graphic novels turn learning into an engaging adventure
your kids will love and look forward to every day.

Make Learning Fun & Interactive: Each book uses simple presentations that turn complex adult topics into memorable lessons that are easy to understand.

Boost Reading Skills: Help your kids foster a love for reading with captivating stories designed to keep them flipping through page after page.

Adapt to Learning Styles: The graphic novel format supports various learning speeds, helping children grasp and revisit ideas easily.

Enhance Bonding Time: Share the joy of discovery together while turning each page into a moment of connection and shared insight.

Uncover Rich Lessons About

Liberty, Responsibility, Personal Rights & More

The Tuttle Twins Season 1 Graphic Novel Hardcover Box Set is more than just a collection of stories
- it's a treasure trove of life lessons and fun.

Here's what each story brings to your family:

Real-World Economics Made Fun: Understand complex economic principles through engaging and relatable stories.

Values of Freedom and Liberty: Each adventure reinforces the importance of personal freedom and liberty in a way that resonates with kids.

Critical Thinking Skills: Encourage your children to think critically about the world around them, fostering independent thought and problem-solving.

Historical Insights: Dive into history with a fresh perspective, making past events relevant and exciting for young minds.

Character Building: Watch as Ethan, Emily, and their Grandma Gabby navigate challenges, teaching resilience, and moral values.

Moral Values: Instill strong ethical principles through stories that highlight honesty, integrity, and the importance of doing what's right.

Engaging Discussions: Spark meaningful family conversations about important topics like free speech, civil disobedience, and the role of government.

Your kids won't just be reading - they'll be embarking on a journey of discovery, learning valuable
lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime!

What Other

Families Are Saying

Angela D.

My children can’t get enough. They want the whole family to sit down and learn. Thanks so much for the continued truth!

Joel H.

These shows are very well done, entertaining for the kids and amusing for grownups. It’s surprising how much you can learn and have fun at the same time (even Grandpas). I can’t wait for season 2!

Emily P.

I’ve been watching this series with my kids (8,6,3) and was so excited that it came out on DVD. My kids will be watching it on our upcoming road trip. Liberty, free market, economics, government overreach, etc… There are so many important lessons taught in this series and the animation and voice acting is superb.

Nicole H.

Best cartoon ever. My daughter is obsessed. The show manages to be funny while teaching some valuable lessons.

Randy B.

We are only a few episodes in, but are loving it so far. The animation is really well done and keeps the kids attention (even my toddlers). The morals in the stories are balanced well (enough for a teaching moment without being cheesy or overdone). The characters are fun, flawed, relatable and enjoyable to watch.


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Ready To Take Fun And

Learning To The Next Level?

Grab your set today and watch as your children embark on a journey of discovery, laughter, and learning. It's more than just books - it's a gateway to a lifetime of learning and cherished family memories.

What exactly is included in the Tuttle Twins Season 1 Graphic Novel Hardcover Box Set?

The box set includes 12 hardcover graphic novels, each adapted from an episode of the Tuttle Twins TV show. These books cover various topics like economics, personal freedom, and government, presented in an engaging and visually appealing format.

How does the graphic novel format enhance the learning experience?

Graphic novels combine vivid illustrations with text, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging for young readers. This format encourages visual learning, helps maintain attention, and fosters a deeper understanding and retention of the material.

Is the content in these books suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! The content is designed to be family-friendly, making it suitable for children and enjoyable for adults. The lessons are presented in a way that is understandable for young readers while still being engaging for older ones.

What makes this box set a good investment for my child’s education?

This set is not just a collection of stories; it's a comprehensive educational tool that teaches important concepts about freedom, economics, and history in a fun and relatable way. It's an investment in your child's critical thinking and understanding of the world.

Are these books only for kids who have watched the Tuttle Twins show?

Not at all! While fans of the show will love seeing their favorite episodes in a new format, the books are designed to be enjoyed on their own. They're a great introduction to the Tuttle Twins universe for newcomers.

How durable are the hardcover books?

The books are made with high-quality materials, ensuring they are durable enough to withstand frequent use and handling by children. They're designed to be a lasting addition to your family’s library.

Can these books help reduce my child’s screen time?

Yes, they can! By providing a captivating and educational alternative to screens, these graphic novels can help balance your child's activities with more reading and less screen time.

What age group are these books best suited for?

The graphic novels are ideal for children aged 6-12, but the engaging content and beautiful illustrations make them enjoyable for older children and adults as well.

How can these books benefit my child’s reading and comprehension skills?

Reading graphic novels can significantly improve literacy skills. They require readers to interpret both text and visual cues, enhancing comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills.

Are there any interactive elements in the books?

Yes, each book contains QR codes that link to the corresponding TV show episode, providing an interactive experience that complements the reading

What topics do the books cover?

The books cover a range of topics including economics, the role of government, personal freedom, entrepreneurship, and historical events, all presented in an engaging and thought-provoking manner.

How can these books be used in a homeschooling or educational setting?

These books are a great resource for homeschooling parents or educators looking to introduce concepts of economics, civics, and history in an engaging way. They can be used as supplementary material to enhance lessons and discussions.

Why should I choose the Tuttle Twins graphic novels over other children’s books?

The Tuttle Twins graphic novels stand out due to their unique blend of fun storytelling, vibrant illustrations, and educational content. They not only entertain but also impart valuable lessons and critical thinking skills, making them a meaningful addition to any child's reading collection.


Your kids won't just be reading - they'll be embarking on a journey of discovery, learning valuable lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime!



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