9 Reasons Freedom Families Love Tuttle Twins!

Tuttle Twins are the award-winning graphic novels that teach kids about freedom, historical heroes, and economics through hilarious adventures.

1. Created by a freedom-loving dad

Daniel Harmon created the Tuttle Twins show after struggling to find children's shows that could teach his kids conservative values. He was frustrated that many schools focus on useless factoids or dangerous lies and omit constitutional principles of freedom. He created Tuttle Twins graphic novels, based on the show, to teach time-tested truths like free trade, inflation, natural rights and the dangers of socialism.

2. Inspired by the writings of historical heroes

In each graphic novel, the Tuttle Twins blast off on their grandma’s time-traveling wheelchair to learn important lessons from historical heroes. For instance, they learn:
. Inflation from Milton Friedman
. Protectionism from Henry Hazzlit
. Disagreeing civilly from Mother Theresa
. The dangers of communism from Babe Ruth

3. Kids LOVE learning with
Tuttle Twins!

Unlike most educational kids books that are too preachy or boring, each Tuttle Twins graphic novel is written by award-winning comedians and storytellers. The books are packed with hilarious jokes and thrilling adventures that kids read over and over again! Parents report finding their kids laughing out loud as they learn about inflation or communism.

4. CNN Disapproved.
Parent Approved.

CNN may not like us, but parents do! Each book, based on the Tuttle Twins show, is vetted early on by our Tuttle community of hundreds of freedom-loving parents. No hidden agendas or woke and confusing messages. That’s one reason why parents love them (and learn from them) almost as much as kids!

5. Loved by
freedom fighters

Tuttle Twins has caught the attention of some pretty cool freedom fighters like JP Sears, Zuby and Kyle from the Babylon Bee. Here’s what they had to say.

6. Perfect for homeschooling

Tuttle Twins books are beloved by thousands of home school families. The books break down complex topics like central planning and protectionism in ways kids understand and actually remember.

7. Perfect screen-free companion to the Tuttle Twins show!

The principles taught during each episode of the award-winning animated Tuttle Twins show are reinforced in these graphic novels, in a screen-free format.

8. High-Quality and beautifully illustrated!

Each graphic novel is 144-pages of beautifully illustrated adventures on high-gloss paper.

9. The Tuttle Twins
Starter Pack is perfect
for first timers

Want to teach your kids these amazing principles? Your kids will LOVE this Tuttle Twins Starter pack. It's a great deal for new customers and it's backed by a 100% money-back quality guarantee. It comes with:

  • Four 144-page fully-illustrated
        graphic novels
  • Four printable adventure pages
  • FREE access to 14+ episodes of
        the Tuttle Twins show