Tuttle Twins Season 1 Physical + Digital Education BUNDLE

$114.99 $300

Adapted from Episodes of the Tuttle Twins, these graphic novels let your kids relive the principles and stories portrayed in the show. It's hundreds of pages of freedom-packed action.  Laugh while you learn the principles of freedom over and over again in this 12-book box set.

In this set, you’ll receive:

  • “When Laws Give you Lemons” an adventure about The Law
  • “War of the Worms” an adventure about The Golden Rule
  • “Pencils, Pirates, and Ice Cream People” an adventure about Free Trade
  • “Of Business and Benjamins” an adventure about Entrepreneurship
  • “Rising Tides & Dirty Deals” an adventure about Protectionism
  • “The Inflation Monster” an adventure about Inflation
  • “Cakes, Pies, & Flat Earth Guys” an adventure about Disagreeing
  • “Wonky Wages” an adventure about Equal Pay
  • “Dumpsters & Disobedience” an adventure about Civil Disobedience
  • “Roll for Power” an adventure about Crisis & Control
  • “Free Speech Freestyle” an adventure about Free Speech
  • "Fight for the Future" an adventure about Persuasion vs Force

Each hard cover graphic novel features 140+ full-colored pages, links to watch the associated episode for free, and hidden QR codes that lead to bonus pages!

Read them yourself, or listen along with the audiobooks which include the original character’s voices, music, sound effects, and a fun surprise at the end of each track!

Also included are 12 Ebooks for ease of taking these adventures on the go!