Tuttle Twins Season 1 Special Edition DVD or Blu-ray


How do you explain natural rights, inflation, and free speech to a kid? 

Join twins Emily and Ethan Tuttle through 12 hilarious and memorable episodes. They’ll blast off in their Grandma’s time-traveling wheelchair and learn quality lessons from the likes of Adam Smith, Harriet Tubman, James Madison, and more!

This Season 1 Special Edition DVD includes content that Tuttle fans won’t find anywhere else! Watch award-winning episodes, insightful director commentary, and behind-the-scenes features all in one go!

Product Details:

  • 12 episodes of Tuttle Twins Season 1
  • 2-disc standard DVD or Blu-ray
  • English and Spanish subtitles available
  • 12 behind the-scenes videos to get a backstage pass at what it’s like to make the show 
  • 12 animatics (early animation versions) of each episode
  • 12 commentary tracks so you can follow along with the Tuttle Twins team!